Location, Location, Location

One of the items on your to do list for any wedding is picking your location. This can be EXPENSIVE! I think it was one of the biggest chunks of my own wedding, and on top of that it is one of the first things you plan for your wedding. Although there are so upsides to that. If you are paying for your wedding using a little from each pay check you can get one of your biggest money eating chunks of the wedding done with and not have to stress about it near the end. Something else to look forward to when picking out your location is that you can FINALLY start working on your vision of what your wedding will look like. Here are some things to think about:

1. How much decorating do you want to do with the room?

2. Does the location provide the tables and chairs you will need?

3. Are there any perks like a kitchen, pre-planned decorations, an extra room for bride and groom/party prep room?

4. What are the bathrooms like? Sounds weird but a gross bathroom is just gross!

5. Will they have any staff on had the day of the wedding?

6. How much will it cost to get the room the night before to prep it?

7. Will you need a dance floor or is the floor in dancing shape?

8. Is alcohol allowed?

9. How many people can be seated at the location? Make sure you explain that there will be dinner and dancing not just the max capacity!

10. Will the space really fit EVERYTHING you want? Think about photo booths, kids table, dance floor, cake table, gift table, book signing table, or anything else you may want.

Now comes the budget. First if all what time of year are you wanting the wedding? The winter months are usually cheaper than the summer and spring. Plus for the winter you can usually talk people down on price. I used a masonic lodge and there regular price was $550 but I talked them down to $450. Elk, Masonic, American Legion Lodges are usually cheap, but require more decoration. They also don’t have restrictions on who can bring the food, flowers, and other things of that sort.

You could also have an outdoor wedding during the warmer months. Think about a park near you or even better the back yard of someone you know. These are perfect affordable options and they also allow very few restrictions on the decoration, catering, or flowers. One thing you will need to think about is that you do not have control over the weather. You may want to consider a tent just in case. Also if you have a location near a lake and it is the spring water levels may be a problem (this happened to a friend recently). You will also have to rent tables and chairs for everyone. This can add up quickly so make sure you are ready to talk them down or you can borrow from someone you know (like a church or school).

If you are set on an easy wedding then there are always locations where they will provide decorations, but usually they require you to use specific florists or caters. There is nothing wrong with going this route but I found it more expensive then doing everything myself, but if you are already a busy bee you might consider this option.

I am currently planning a baby shower for a friend and am looking forward to showing my money saving party! I will report on that soon.

Until then party on….

Creative Beginnings

I can remember my special day. It was perfect! No joke! My first planned wedding was my own. I created most of the items and planned the whole thing myself. I created listed and a timeline. in 13 months I had the perfect day, and if was on a sever budget. I was a recent college graduate and had low paying job waiting for that perfect teaching job in the school I was at. It has been six months and I have been itching to plan another big bash, but this time not for myself. I want to share and help others on a tight budget to make their dream day come true.